Understanding the audience and their search behaviour, along with a clear value proposition, relevant content, ease to see calls to action and techniques that reduce any anxiety to buy is the key to landing page optimisation...

Landing Page Optimisation Service

Are your PPC landing pages converting clicks into purchases?

We can help you optimise your PPC landing pages and create new landing pages that are focussed on sale conversions....

How?...Well, we create successful landing pages using a number of key principles that we have seen work time and again with our clients’ campaigns. Our principles are:

o Understanding the audience
o Understanding their search behaviour
o Identifying the key search terms and long-tail variants
o Making sure the value proposition of the product/services is clear
o Making sure the content is relevant to the search and the visitor’s expectations
o The urgency of any offers is clear, such as “offer ends this week”, "latest must have"
o The page gives the visitor confidence and reduces any anxiety or misgiving
o The page has no distractions that will lead the visitor off the key message
o The page has a clear call to action
o The page has the right balance of keywords for SEO ranking and PPC quality score

We actively monitor landing pages by tracking user behaviour and refining the content, keywords and messages as appropriate. Our Landing Page Optimisation service is focused on maximising conversions and getting the maximum value on paid search marketing.     

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